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Examples of 3 column designs for BB1

Here are some samples of affordable web design templates that we have made for other clients. In each case the client completed a simple questionnaire and gave an idea of what they wanted for their website templates.

Once that was done, and the payment taken care of, our designers looked for suitable images and prepared a preview based on the ideas in the questionnaire. You will find a link to the questionnaire and the payment forms at the bottom of the page. Click here to skip to the end of the page.

Browse through the examples and pick out the elements that you like. For example you may like a particular font in one design but the colors in another design. Perhaps you want a certain layout of images in the header but need them to blend in a different way than is shown on the examples. Let us know and the designer will work with you.

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Colors chosen to represent the journey from dark depression into hopeful light.





Blue sky to show light feeling that results from having a clean, clutter free home. Photo of site owner adds confidence that you're dealing with a real person.





Photo montage to illustrate some of the possibilities of the techniques available on the site.





Carefully chosen colors to fit with the sense of the site topic.





Feminine colors were appropriate for this site concept.





Strong lines and bold, dark colors combined with a striking symbol.





Red conveys the excitement of the site topic. The grey contrast gives a nicely balanced feel to the template.





Sunshine and happy times are conveyed in the colors and images selected for this template.





Green tones suggest the colors of toothpaste and mouthwash for this dental themed site.





Before and after photos of the site owner's journey to fitness and health illustrate this topic well. The graduated coloring on the header gives another form of movement.





Monotone color gives this design a very strong feel and the contrast with the white text and logo makes them stand out nicely.





The designer used images to convey a lifestyle. Careful blending makes the images fit together smoothly.





A single large image in the header allows the site name to stand out. A complementary color was used for the navigation.

Over the years we have developed an affordable web design service to allow you to focus on what's important for your business.

There are unlimited ways of combining text and images to give you exactly the Look & Feel that you need. All our designs are 100% customized so that your web page design is unique to you.

The previews on this page were made for Solo Build It! sites using the unique BlockBuilder 2 system. You can learn more about that here

See samples of the most up-to-date version of the Solo Build It! BlockBuilder

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