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This page contains samples of affordable website design templates that were prepared for some of our clients for BB1. Based on information that the clients gave us in the design questionnaire the designer prepares a preview.

You will find a link to the questionnaire and the payment forms at the bottom of the page. Click here to skip to the end of the page. Using a range of stock images and copyright free images provided by the clients the templates are completely unique.

Let us know what you like. Maybe you want a certain combination of colors, an interesting font or a special combination of images. The designer works with this information and your feedback to make a pleasing, affordable website design that is right for your site.

More Samples To Get You Started





A strong red background makes the text stand out. Small images in the header convey what the site is about in a glance.





Different aspects of the client's business are shown in the small images. Colors from the navigation columns are blended into the header to tie the whole design together.





This layered design uses a subtle wave design to tie the site name to the image of fruits and veg. Food colors, taken from the fruit in the image, keep the design unified.





The client wanted to show a selection of foods on the header. Careful blending of several images allowed the designer to achieve exactly the right effect.





This template aims to show that running a business is a journey. The designer combined two images, one from a stock library and one that the client had in their personal collection.





This site is about world wide vacations. During the design process, the client changed the capitalization of the domain name and tried the design with and without the palms on the left. We also tweaked the number of palm trees to get the design looking just right.




The client showed us a site that they liked. They wanted to show different ethnic women in the header. The first pre-design was then adjusted for colors, font size and a change of tag line because the original versions didn't work as well as expected.





This template is based on a commercially available photo-collage that the client had permission to use. Colors were taken from the image and used in the rest of the template.





The swirl gives the idea that the glasses are being washed in a wave of clean water. The designer worked with the client to get the effect that they wanted to convey.




This site is for teachers and the owner wanted to use their own photos in the design. In the end the designer used stock photos because of quality issues. The two smaller pictures are in sharp contrast to the faded montage of photos in the background. The design is held together with a colored gradient.




The client gave a site as an example of the colors that they wanted to use in their template and told us they wanted to use a photo that was already on the site as part of the header. As the original source and copyright for the photo was uncertain the designer used a stock image that the client selected.




This template for a travel site needed to show the surrounding area at a glance. Its situation in the mountains allowed the designer to use a single large photograph to illustrate this beautiful area.

From these examples you can see that affordable website design is not a complicated, time consuming or expensive process. Our design team works with you to ensure that you have a unique web page design that exactly reflects your online business.

Each of the previews on this page were made for Solo Build It! sites using the unique BlockBuilder system. You can learn more about this special method of building your online business here (link opens in new window)

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