BB2 - The Way Forward

What is BB2?

In 2012 SiteSell released the BlockBuilder 2 system to replace the outdated BlockBuilder that had been in use for around 10 years previous to that.

The old system worked well, allowing ordinary people to build a successful online business but it didn't have a lot of flexibility when it came to designing a modern look for your site.

Web Design Success have been providing unique, high quality designs for BlockBuilder users for many years. With the release of BB2 we can help you take your site to the next level.

The greater flexibility of the new system gives even more scope to make a unique website template.

There are hundreds of templates available in the new SiteDesigner, but often what's there isn't 'quite' what you were looking for. It's kind of what you had in mind but there's some elements that just aren't right for your site concept.

You have two options:

1. Pick a template that's almost what you want and live with it.

2. Customize one to reflect the uniqueness of YOUR business.

What Can I Customize?

Every element can be customized, headlines, text, links, captions, images or anything else, you're only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Top Tip! Generally, you will want to keep your background light and your text dark because studies have shown that visitors to your site prefer this. There are exceptions, and we can work with you to make sure your site exactly reflects your ideas.

View a full range of samples here.

Organic Food Guide template

The new SiteDesigner allows you to completely customize every element of your template. Choose whether to have a browser background, colored side columns or a colored content area. You should think about all these options so that you give your visitors the best possible browsing experience.

Science fiction site template


It is likely that the header doesn't match your vision so you can replace it. This is an important part of the service that we provide for you. The header can make or break the rest of the template. Notice how the headers vary in the examples on this page.

The amazing thing is that the designs on this page were all made using the same basic template from the BB2 choices.

In each case the designer worked closely with the client, using the client's thoughts, ideas and feelings to point them in the right direction. All the previews were based on ideas that the clients submitted in the design questionnaire.

How Do I Get Started?

Best of all, now that we are working with BB2, you can still enjoy the same great service at the same low price!

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