Plan Your Custom Website Design

Your new template for a custom website design is based on your answers below.

Before a designer can start work on your new web design we need your involvement, your ideas, your thoughts, your wishes and overall feelings about website templates.

Your involvement will steer us in the right design direction and enable us to create a 'look & feel' that you love. Your new template will mostly be based on your content; but do send us your ideas. We love your ideas. . . Come and share them with us.

These design questions help us to get a better idea of what you want. Please take time to answer them as fully as you can.

Please, use the contact form if you only need to ask a question.

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The domain name of the site we'll be upgrading ?

Would you like your design to be for a two or a three column website ?
This allows us to present the predesign to you in the right format

What category would you submit your site to within a directory ?
This gives us an indication of your site topic.

What is your site about ?
Describe your site & content to us...
we just want to get an idea.

Which colors would you like us to use ?
Give us a general color idea. Mention just two main colors.
Think about the overall 'look & feel' you'd want.

Do you have a logo which you'd like us to use ?
This often applies only for companies,
don't worry if you don't have one.

Provide us with the slogan to your site !
Visitors need to know what your site is about in 4 secs or less.
A slogan is the marketing tool for you & your site. Short & powerful !
Would you like your site centered or left aligned ?
Our advice would be centered seeing this avoids ...
large white space in the right of your visitors browser.

How would you like your domain name in your top logo ?
like this ( or like this (example-domain)

Is there a special picture you'd like us to use?
If you have a product or your site is about something very specific,
then try to provide us with an image. It's not essential.
Please review our sample page and tell us which style of design you like!
Your design is 100% customized to your theme but this gives our designers a good idea of what you like. Feel free to add descriptions on what you do and don't like.

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What Happens Next?

Here's How The Design Process Works

  • You receive a confirmation email for your answers and payment. The payment receipt will be from KWH Design.
  • The designer reviews your answers and you are asked to send any images that you want to use. You MUST own the copyright for any images, otherwise they cannot be used.
  • You send the images. If you do not have your own images, the designer will use royalty free stock library images.
  • The designer prepares a preview design based on your questionnaire answers and asks you to review it.
  • You review the preliminary design, send us your specific feedback and a list of revisions if needed. You may make up to 4 revisions at no extra cost, although most designs will not need that many.
  • The designer makes revisions to the preview if these are needed.
  • You make a final review and give your approval.
  • The team uploads the files to your account.
  • The team sends a copy of all the design files to you for safe keeping.
  • The design order is closed.

Please, use the contact form if you only need to ask a question.

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