#1 - SBI Design Tips & Tricks

Screenshots from our Own SBI Sites

the Design booklet for your Solo Build It site. Practical, Easy & Fast to implement design tips.
We made screenshots and added design comments to them. We hope it enables you to quickly see how small things can improve your Solo Build It design dramatically. We also wrote a booklet full of Design Tips & Tricks for your Solo Build It. It's a very practical guide, well worth the read (according to other Solo Build It users).... and it's Free.

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"Improving Your Solo Build It Design Can Be Very Straightforward"

Design Tips For Effective Communication

Use this selection of tips to make your website design easy to follow and accessible. To get all the tips in one easy to read place, download our free ebook.

  1. Using white space to improve your design
  2. It's all about style
  3. Headlines, logos and slogans
  4. Presenting your products
  5. Keeping it consistent
  6. Recommending goods and services
  7. Tips on using advertising
  8. Pictures and links
  9. Filling in forms
  10. Nav bars or not?
  11. Keeping it simple
  12. Spaced out
  13. Placing your text
  14. Keeping it simple

sample templates to choose from