Icons Make Things Simple

Use icons as part of your website design to make it really simple for your visitors.

Pre-made sets

Adding a series of small pictures or graphics to your pages will help you have a consistent look on all your pages. Use them as part of your site navigation. Easy to see, easy to click.

Choose from the ready-made selection below.


Basic buttons are the basis of all the graphics. Select the color that best matches your overall template color.

Indicate this on the order form.


Next choose the style of the button. Make your choice from one of the ten available options. The pattern will be faded into the background so as not to obscure the rest of the graphic.

Galleries & Contact

Highlight how you want your visitors to get in touch.

Animal Related

Perfect for a pet site this selection of animals should cover most of your needs.


Recycling, green energy, sustainable resources. These are perfect for your site navigation.

Fruit and Vegetables

Mouthwatering selection of juicy fruits and veg to liven up your pages.


Use on a site about food or cooking to ramp up your recipes and spice up your pages.


Ideal for use on a site about health or exercise.


Use this range to guide your visitors around your site.

What's Included?

Choose your theme and then "customize" it.

  • Choose five from the preset images.
  • A set is 5 icons.
  • Choose one of the default colors, styles and illustrations from any of the images.

Any additional graphics will be an additional $2 for each additional icon.

The color and background style you choose will be used for all 5 images.

For example: "color # 5 - style # 2

- and illustrations:

Environment # 1, # 7
Galleries & Contact # 1, # 7, # 9

Price: $12.99

Customized Sets

What can I customize?

  • The color (you will be asked for a hex #) if none of the preset colors will work for you.
  • The background style, you will need to give an example of exactly what you want instead.
  • The illustration, if none of the presets will work you their site. You will be asked to describe the type of illustration you want.
  • The shape/size of the icon.

Give Me An Example

  • I need heart shaped icons in a specific hex solid color that exactly matches the site design.


  • I need text instead of the illustration.

What will this cost?

The customized version includes up to 5 images and costs $24.99. You will receive the graphics in 2 sizes.

If you want to include your own choice of specific images/illustrations, you will be responsible for the purchase and copyrights of such images. You MUST own the copyright on all images that you want to use.

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