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Why use a Lightbox to display your website content?

What is a lightbox?

Originally it was a name of a JavaScript plugin, but now it refers to any Java Plugin that performs the same task as the original lightbox.

In the same way that Hoover has become a generic name for all kinds of vacuum cleaners lightbox is now used to apply to all kinds of Java Plugins.

A lightbox is used to display images, HTML and other web content in the top-most layer. It displays above your page, whilst darkening your content below.

It will work on any website and in any browser.

What are the benefits of a Lightbox?

  1. The lightbox we use cannot be blocked by a web browser like the old type "pop-ups" that were used on websites.
  2. You can load external web content into a box without visitors leaving your website. It solves the issue of yet another webpage window opening and visitors getting lost.
  3. It can be easily closed allowing the person to continue on your webpage where they left off.
  4. They are "clean", in that the box is clutter free - only displaying the content that you wish to promote.
  5. You can use text-links, images or both to activate your Lightbox.
  6. Our Lightboxes can be made re-sizable and dragable if required.

You can choose from three different title bars - grey, silver (blue) and gold.

Grey style title-bar
Silver style title-bar
Gold style title-bar

Show Me What You Mean

Here is an example of a Lightbox with HTML content including a Contact Form. It can be customized for any website.

When the Form appears, go-ahead and fill it it in to get more information about our SBI-Friendly Lightbox

Another option is to have a thumbnail image to view a larger image in our lightbox. Try clicking on the motorcycle to see how this works.

Click on this image
A third possibility to show an image in our lightbox is by simply clicking on a link. Try it and see for yourself.

When the image appears, put your mouse cursor on the title bar, press the left button and hold it down to drag the image to any position on the screen.

Anything Else I Should Know About?

The price changes depending on what you want. Additional lightboxes can be ordered at the same time with 15% discount. Please contact us to obtain a coupon code.

Everything is custom coded for each individual lightbox that you order.

WEBPAGE - $24.95

You can have up to 2 light boxes for the cost of your order. The pages can use images, supplied by you (you MUST own the copyright), and can be styled to your own "house style" so that everything matches your site.

PHOTOS - $24.95

You MUST own the copyright of all photos and images that you want to use. Images should be the best quality that you have so that it can be optimized for the web for faster loading. You can have up to 10 photos opening up into the box.

VIDEOS - $24.95

We can set up to two individual pop up boxes with one or more videos. Please remember that the more videos you use the slower your page will load.

FORMS - $49.95

If you order a form option you can have up 2 forms on the same website at no extra charge. You will need to have the form set up on your site already along with the thank you page so that the code can be linked.

If you have an SBI site there is no extra charge for using it in a Site Wide dot. We use a lightbox in a Site Wide dot to promote our free Design Tips ebook. The price includes installation on your site.

If you have a non-SBI site the lightbox will work for you too. Please let us know when you are ordering so that we give you the right set of instructions.

If you find later on that you need extra lightboxes we can do that for you. We offer a discount for repeat customers. Please use the contact form to get more information and a no obligation quote.

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*Web Design Success Refund Policy:

In the unlikely event you need to cancel, you can ask for a refund up to 5 days from your order date or up to the point you receive a preview, whichever is first. After that point we reserve the right to offer a pro-rated refund to take into account any work that has already been done on your order.

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