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As you browse around the site you will see that we use a PayPal shopping cart to process payments for the various services we offer.

Before we discovered this amazing cart we used to use individual PayPal buttons for each of the products. As more products and services were added it soon got really complicated to keep everything up to date. Whenever we wanted to offer a special for one of the services it meant getting the code for a complete new button.

That was such a pain in the neck. It turned a simple updating job into half an afternoon's work. Getting the button code, finding the old code on the page, making sure that you haven't missed any bits of the old code, working out why it doesn't work...

Enter the PayPal Sliding Cart.

It was a massive relief to find that there IS a simple solution.

Whether you're selling individual pieces of jewelry, a full life coaching service, car repair, books and antiques or anything else that you can think of, this cart will work for your website.

Blue style
Grey style
Green style
Orange style
Red style
Black style

What style shopping cart would you like?

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How This Can Help YOUR Business

Working with customers around the world? No problem, change the currency, add shipping costs and taxes, discounts or special offers. Easy to set up and even easier for your customers. They click to add the product(s) to their basket, go to the checkout, pay through their PayPal account and that's it.

The cart can be customized to match your site template by using one of the six color variations. There are different options for positioning the cart so whatever your site is about there's a way that this will fit in.

Your customer has full control over the cart. Click to add or remove items from the basket. A sub-total appears so that the customer can keep track of the cost.

It's quick and simple to add or remove products.

We think this PayPal shopping cart is an amazing time saver and feel sure that you will too. That's why we're offering it for just $149. The price includes all the code that you need to set everything up on your site so your customers can start shopping immediately.

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