Picture Slideshows

This page gives you an overview of all the available picture slideshows that we currently offer. Click on the images to go to a page and see a fully working version of each type of show and get more information about how this can be customized for your requirements. 

Scrolling Images

Scrolling image gallery

This comes in two versions. One scrolls continually. The other needs the scroll wheel on your mouse to run through the images. The border gives the effect of a roll of film. Click on the individual images to show a larger version. Find out more...

3D Gallery

3D show

This version scrolls automatically from left to right and back again. You can add captions to all the images. Choose from captions underneath the thumbnails or on the top bar of the larger image. Click on any picture to show the large version for up to 10 seconds. More about 3D galleries.

Picture Slideshow

A more complex set of images with text and pictures

This is a more complex banner and can include text as well as images. The images gently fade into one another at a nice slow pace to allow your visitors to read the text. It can be set to scroll through continuously or stop after a set number of rotations. Learn more...

Static Gallery

Gallery with horizontal thumbnails.
The narrower vertical thumbnails take up less depth on your page.

Last but not least is a static gallery. There are two layout versions. One with horizontal thumbnails  and one with vertical thumbnails. Images can have a title and caption.

When you plan your page layout bear in mind that the horizontal version is deeper than the vertical one.


Use a lightbox to make your page more interactive.

A lightbox can keep your visitors on your page for much longer. It allows them to view other content without actually leaving your site.

Use it to show other websites, photos, videos or even your contact or order form. A pop up box displays the extra material. See this page for more details about how to use a lightbox on your pages.

How To Order

Order forms for the individual products are on the information pages. Click the links above to go to the product you want, make your payment and place your order.

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