Planning Your Design

Planning your design is an important stage to think about before you order your customized design. You need to decide whether to have two or three columns. Why is that important?

The amount of columns will depend on how you present your content. To a degree this will depend on what your visitors are looking for.

If you need a wider content area for info graphics, slideshows or any else that needs a bit more space, the two column design may be what you need.

If you need the extra column for promoting your products, for Google Ads, your company contact information etc. - the three column structure may be what you want.


Which Layout Should I Use?

  • Style 1. This is the standard layout of the majority of websites. Visitors landing on a site like this will immediately know that the navigation is on the left, the main content for whatever they are searching for is in the center and additional information is available on the right column. 

  • Style 2. Having the content column on the left means visitors can read your content immediately without any visual interruptions.
  • Style 3. This is a more unusual layout. If you want to use this you need to be cautious about empty space under the center additional navigation column. It could end up with a lot of unused white space on the left of the template.
  • Style 4. A two column layout in the classic style with a left hand navigation bar allows you to use larger pictures or graphics. The familiar setup is comfortable for visitors.
  • Style 5. This style reverses the wider content column and navigation bar. It's useful for sites that have large graphics interspersed with long sections of text. The wider content area means that reader don't need to scroll down so far. 

You can find more information on how to use your extra column here

Finished planning your design? Now get some template ideas.

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