Simple Shopping Carts for Your Business

As you move your online business forward you will likely want to add the option to allow your visitors to buy your products and services.

Over the years we've tried a number of ways of doing this. To begin with we used PayPal's buttons. This is fine if you only have a one or two products but as we expanded we found that we needed more flexibility.

Our code designer uses two excellent carts and we're delighted to be able to offer these to you too. Each cart is easy to use and maintain. Depending on what you need for your business you can make your choice from the following.

What do you need?

Before you add a cart to your site think about exactly what you are offering and make it easy for your visitors.

Multiple item shopping cart

Do you have a lot of physical products that you want to showcase?

If so, then the fully functional Store option is going to be the best one for you. You can add and remove pictures, descriptions, and prices. Offer discounts for multiple purchases and show related items that your customer might like to buy at the same time.

Single items shopping cart

Do you have more expensive services that don't need images?

If so, the PayPal shopping cart would be better. A simple cart that is added to your page and can hold a "shopping list" of services. The customer has full control over the cart contents and they are taken straight to PayPal to make their payment.

There's lots of flexibility for you as the store manager to add and remove products and deal with any customer enquiries.

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