Static Gallery - Horizontal Layout

A static gallery in horizontal format is an excellent way of showing a lot of pictures in a small space.

Things to Consider

For the best effect make all your images the same dimensions.

You can use either portrait or landscape images but it will look better if you use the same orientation for the whole set. Consider having either all landscape or all portrait and making a separate slideshow for the opposite orientation.

Each picture can have a title and a caption to add value to the pictures but don't overdo it.

The thumbnail images give your visitors a quick and easy overview of what's available to look at.

Optimize your images so that they are sharp and crisp but load quickly. There are various free programs that can help you do to this. Alternatively, we can help you with this. Use the contact form to get in touch with us for a no-obligation discussion.

This gallery will work in any HTML page and in any browser.

Consider using a vertical layout for portrait style images.

Use a vertical layout for narrower images.

! Special Introductory Offer !

This gallery costs $49.95. Normally you get up to 10 images in a gallery. (Additional images can be added for $4.95 each.) However, for a limited period we will add two extra images absolutely free giving your 12 images for the price of 10.


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