Static Gallery - Vertical Format

Use a static gallery with a set of vertical thumbnails to display a full set of photos or other images.

Things to Consider

When choosing images to display in this gallery make sure that they are optimized for the web. Keeping the file sizes smaller helps the page to load quickly.

Add a title and caption to give your visitors extra details about the images.

More is less. You don't need to write an epic, just a short summary. Let the pictures do the talking.

The gallery will work in any browser, even one with pop-ups disabled.

The vertical layout is wider than the horizontal format because of the thumbnail images on one site.

A horizontal layout is better for wider images.

! Special Introductory Offer !

This gallery costs $49.95. Normally you get up to 10 images in a gallery. (Additional images can be added for $4.95 each.) However, for a limited period we will add two extra images absolutely free giving your 12 images for the price of 10.


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