Template Samples For Inspiration

Look through the samples below to find things that you like. When you complete the template questionnaire you can tell us which bits to use and which bits aren't appropriate for your business.

Be specific so that we can match your vision to your design. If you like a particular layout then it can be adapted for your site. Don't like the mask around an image? No problem, it can be changed. Any template can be adjusted to ANY niche.

Each sample is numbered to make it easy for you to keep track.

Click the thumbnails to view a larger version.

Style 1 - Flowers
Style 2 - Jewels
Style 3 - Paint
Style 4 - Tropical
Style 5 - Babies
Style 6 - Healing
Style 7 - Green
Style 8 - Lines
Style 9 - Fishing
Style 10 - Sailing
Style 11 - Pets
Style 12 - Romance
Style 13 - Sinunitis
Style 14 - Food
Style 15 - Eczema
Style 16 - Employment
Style 17 - Diet
Style 18 - Economics
Style 19 - Technical
Style 20 - Real estate
Style 21 - Adventure
Style 22 - Retirement
Style 23 - Asthma
Style 24 - Scientific

To see examples of older style templates that we have made for our clients please look here and here.

For a discussion of how Solo Build It! BB2 works please see this page.

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