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We believe that website design prices should be fair to both our clients and the designers. With that in mind we have honed and refined the process into a simple and straightforward system.

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Site Build It Template Design - $ 239

100% custom built for your site according to your wishes. Sky rocket your site's Look & Feel to amazing heights. Did you ever imagine that your SBI! site could look this good? Get a great new SBI! template design that matches your content at an excellent price. We even upload the design to your site. You don't need to worry about anything.

You get a template designed to exactly match your site theme. So we don’t just copy / paste your name into a generic template but discuss it with you so that we understand exactly what you want.

This takes a little longer but results in something that is a professional looking representation of your ideas.

And to make it as convenient as possible we've developed the template design into an easy straightforward process. Our website design prices reflect the time and effort that we have put in to work this into a practical and yet flexible system.

This is a professional service supported by a refund guarantee.*

To order a banner change or new header only please see below.

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Additional Services

New Banner - $ 149

If you don't need a full template then consider having a new header. The process works the same as the full template. You get a replacement header that matches your ideas and is up to date.

Once you have your new header you can adjust the rest of your template to match the new colors and ideas. If you are using SBI! you can make the adjustments in Site Designer. If you upload your own pages using another system you can change the color codes in your CSS template to update everything.

A new banner costs just $149. Click Add to Cart to place your order.

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Banner Change - $ 99

If you have ordered a template or header from us in the past but need to update it you can choose to have an adjustment made. Perhaps you need a new photo or your address details have changed. Whatever your requirements we can take care of it for you.

It's simple to order and can transform your site in one easy change.

Place an order for a Banner Change for just $99 and we will get started right away.

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All Part Of The Service

We take the time and care to offer you a highly professional service supported by a tried and tested process.

When you have made your payment you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. This allows us to see your ideas and requirements. The designer uses these ideas as a basis for the first preview. Once you have the preview we work with you to fine tune the design so that it matches your vision.

We begin work on your design only when we receive a completed questionnaire and the payment. You can pay easily and securely by PayPal. You receive confirmation and an invoice for your records. We receive an email confirming your payment.

Look at some sample designs to help you give us an idea of what you want.

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*Web Design Success Refund Policy:

In the unlikely event you need a refund, you can have a full refund up to 30 days from your order date or up to the point you receive the third preview.

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